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Ostocalcium Plus

Chewable Tablets For Women

Ostocalcium plus are tasty chewable tablets which contain Calcium and Vitamin D3. These tablets help in replenishingc your daily Calciumd, two Ostocalcium tablets have calcium equivalent to that in two cups of milkb,e.  


Ostocalcium Plus
Ostocalcium B12 Suspension

Ostocalcium B12 Suspension

For Kids 

Ostocalcium B12 suspension helps maintain strong bones by replenishingc Calcium dailyd for your growing child and is available in two tasty flavors- Lemon Lime & Banana. If your child's daily diet doesn't have adequate Calcium, your child may need Calcium supplementationb


Know more about
your bones

Your daily diet may not be sufficient in providing the required amounts of Calcium and after 301, your bones will start losing Calcium. That is why you may need Ostocalcium plus tablets, which contain Calcium and Vitamin D3 which help in replenishingc your daily Calciumb,d


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1Harvey N, Dennison E, Cooper C. Epidemiology of osteoporotic fractures. Primer on the metabolic bone diseases and disorders of mineral metabolism. 2008;6:244-8

bNot a replacement for balance diet.

cIf dietary intake of calcium is below recommended daily allowance asper National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) guidelines, 2010.

dOstocalcium helps replenish Calcium in addition to dietary calcium intake. Use as directed on pack.

eIFCT, 2017. 2 Ostocalcium Plus tablets provide 500mg of calcium equivalent to approx. 2 cups of milk. Not a replacement of milk/milk products. ICMR, 2010.