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Age-wise exercise 

Children under 5 years 

Physical activities such as running, walking, jumping, and running games. 26 


Ball games, such as football and basketball; skipping; jumping; karate; taekwondo; aerobic dance, jogging.26,27 


In addition, they can try brisk walking, lifting and moving heavy groceries, heavy gardening activity and cross-training.26,27

Older adults - High impact activity  

High-impact strength-training activity: Jogging, stair climbing, aerobic dancing, jumping rope, weightlifting, strength training using bodyweight. 22 

Older adults - Low impact activity  

Low-impact weight-bearing activity: Walking, treadmill walking, water aerobics, stair step machines, and low-impact dancing. 21,22 

Older adults - No impact activity 

No impact and non-weight bearing activity: Yoga, flexibility and stretching exercises, indoor cycling, and pilates. 21,22 

Recipes for healthy bones 

Diet is one of the most important and preferred sources of obtaining Calcium and Vitamin D3 . Dairy products and fish with bones are among the best sources of Calcium.


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Super foods for strong bones 

Milk and milk products 

Milk and milk products, such as curd and cheese provide bio-available form Calcium 28. Sometimes there is added VitaminD3 in milk, making it a good source of this vitamin.


Oily fish, such as salmon or raavas, mackerel or bangda, are rich in Vitamin D3. Other fish that can be eaten with bones are a great source of calcium.28

Fruits & vegetables 

Fruits and vegetables not only provide calcium but are also a great source of other micronutrients required for bone health. Green leafy vegetables provide Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin K.29

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